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Help yourself ...

You have come to this page because you have expressed an interest helping us to help Luke.  However, despite the name, this website, and our work, is not just about Luke.  Its about encouraging everyone to be helpful.  So please, help yourself ...

There are many things you can do to help,

From the book "Australian Autism Handbook" by Benison O'Rielly and Seana Smith (ISBN 978-0-980475-81-4) p. 182

Comments that are really helpful -

"Why don't you sit down and let me make you a cup of tea"

"You need a night out, show me what to do, and I will babysit."

"I'm just dropping off this casserole, for now, or you can pop it in the freezer for later"

"I knew you'd appreciate ... <a nice bottle of wine>/<block of chocolate><insert whatever is appropriate>"

From the happy people helping people presentation - some of the things that we would like to see.

Happy People

For families to band together in support of each other and those that choose to provide support.

Helping People

For people to become inspired to volunteer, apply for work as a disability support worker to get training, or simply find away to spend time with someone, spend time to become a friend.

Supportive Community

To welcome people with autism, and not be afraid.  To welcome and commend anyone who chooses to provide support to another person – particularly those with a disability.


To support people who band together to organize supports – both with legislation and money. To make that those who choose to do the more difficult tasks are recognized and rewarded appropriately.


To make space that would enable and support people with disabilities to be engaged in meaningful work – that is work that make a significant contribution – that is worthwhile. People helping People is worthwhile – it makes people happy.

Community Groups

Making space and lending a hand wherever possible.  Raising money, for sure, but more importantly providing encouragement through team efforts.


Every one can play a part, even those who might not have the skills to provide direct support.  If nothing else I would like to think that every person would be keen to help – in whatever way they can.  After all – as my father said –

"The purpose of life is to help other people."

Louis Henry Modra


If you would like to help Luke specifically, you can -

*Use the DONATE button provided by PAYPAL.  PAYPAL is a secure online funds transfer service that can accept payment from major credit cards and banks. To make a Please note PAYPAL will charge us a small fee for each transaction (typically less than 2% of the amount transferred). We will send you a gift certificate when the transaction is completed.