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Trauma Informed Positive Behaviour Supports

On May 21, 2011, Bob Bowen, CEO of The Mandt System Incorporated (www.mandtsystem.com) met with a small group of families who were interested in learning more about THE MANDT SYSTEM.

When asked to describe the MANDT SYSTEM in 10 words or less he said -

"We teach trauma informed positive behaviour supports

In my own words -

Bob teaches people how to provide positive supports to people that are adversely affected by a history of aggressive behaviours.  In effect  (and these are my words not his) he enables people to overcome fear with love and good practice so that they can deliver a message of hope and freedom to those who are trapped by their own behaviours, and also the behaviours of others.  The seminars were basically for anyone interested in being a friend to, or working with,  people and families affected by autism and/or intellectual disability.

"I first learned about the MANDT System when I visited the Judevine Centre for Autism, in Missouri, in 2003. I was so impressed by what I saw I have tried to redirect peoples attention to this system for years.  I didn't get to see much at that time, but what I saw was impressive, and with the little knowledge I did gain at that time, I was better equipped to cope - and with just about any behaviour. It was the MANDT SYSTEM that taught me about the "supportive stance" and gave me the skills to smile and approach Luke with calm and confidence - even in the most extreme of situations. It was the MANDT SYSTEM techniques that enabled me on many occasions to get my son from full rage -  to calm - in less than 60 seconds ! Hard to believe - but true.


At the meeting on May 21, each of the families shared a little of their experiences with "challenging behaviours" and Bob gave a very short introduction to things he teaches to people who attend his 5 day - TRAIN THE TRAINER program.  That program teaches people from various organizations about reducing the risk of bullying and occupational violence by building healthy relationships amongst staff.  People are trained to teach others within their own organization in the approaches recommended by the MANDT SYSTEM.  The families were greatly encouraged and were looking forward to attending one of the full day seminars that Bob was to be running in Melbourne in September 2011.

Bob was planning to run several courses in September 2011. He was planning to dedicate three (3) days to run three separate seminars - just for families.  For more information visit www.mandtsystem.au.com