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"Not Happy Jan ..." 

Some of you might remember the advertisement where a manager gets upset at her employee for missing a critical deadline for the registering of a business name in the local phone directory.  The employee is seen running off down the street, and the manager leans out the window, wanting to say something something very emotional, but stops her self and shouts "Not Happy Jan."

Every day we have to deal with conflict of some sort. Luke also.  For him the problem is exasserbated by his autism, intellectual disabilities and ABI. Over the years we have tried to find ways of teaching him and ourselves, better ways of responding to conflict, and more specifically that very powerful emotion that arises when we face serious conflict - anger.

I have obtained great help from a large number of professionals.  The following documents and links are just a few of the highlights -

The Stress Thermometer -  a simple diagram used to remind us of what we can do to STOP, CALM DOWN, RELAX and be HAPPY.

Unforgivable - A movie about a man who learned to not only manage his own anger, but now teaches others to do the same - Life Skill International

Peacewise - An organisation that provides coaching and support for people who want to use biblical principles for conflict resolution.